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“My brother and best mate had been coming to 360 for a few months and wouldn’t stop talking about how good it was so I was intrigued to try it. My first impressions were great. Everyone could tell I was new and made an effort to come and introduce themselves and made me feel so welcome. I loved that the workout for the day was on the big screen ready for everyone to do it together. My first big win was getting my first 65 kg squat snatch, something I had failed over 50 times before, so when I finally got it I was over the moon. At the moment I’ve gone back to basics and trying to work on my strict strength, build a good foundation of strength everywhere which will hopefully help me get a few more reps in next year’s open. My favourite 360 moment wasn’t actually in the gym, it was on a 360 night out. I looked around and there were a good 15-20 people who a year prior I didn’t know they existed. Fast forward a year and we are out having the time of our lives together and I’m grateful to 360 for that. In terms of a personal achievement, my best memory was getting my first ring muscle up after almost giving up hope of getting one.”

Liam’s story

“Before 360 I was mainly playing Netball, running and doing normal gym work, using the cross trainer, treadmill, and doing sit ups, squats and dumbbells. I joined 360 because I wanted something to challenge me, as I found I had become stagnant in the gym and never pushed myself. I used to just plug in my earphones and go through the motions. Since joining 360 I have become stronger and can lift weights that I never thought I would and my stamina is now much better when playing sport. I really like how varied the workouts are and I have tried things I would never have done in a gym. The trainers and members are all so nice and really encourage you to get through the workouts, even when you think you can’t do another burpee or box jump!!!. The classes are also small, which is ideal when you are new as the trainer has time to help with technique.”

Vicki’s story

“360 was very welcoming, I was worried that maybe I was too old. The workouts might be too hard, but it’s been so much fun.”

Bruce’s story