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CrossFit TW18 – CrossFit

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5min Brief…

Athlete Goal…
AMRAP score counts towards final workout score so make sure you get in as many rounds as possible.
Lat activation is key in this section, controlled movement for the full 25s of work.
Make sure you have the right weight for bent over row and bands for the chest to bars.
Don’t use small boxes to stand on please.
Its a triple pairs AMRAP starting with 8mins 8 reps with a 2 min break then again with 6mins 6 reps and final short 90s break to power through the last quick 4min 4 reps blast.
Quick transitions between movements is key, communicate with your partner and let them know what rep your on so they can get ready to start straight away.
AKBS and KB Goblet Rev Lunges is a YGIG movement then into SYNC Hand Release Burpees.
Everyone should be aiming for 4+ round in each of these AMRAPS.
As the time and reps drop the rest between gets less so be prepared to move quicker between sets.
Don’t for get to add your score from the warm up


1) 8min AMRAP …

8 Wide Grip Inverted Row
8 Close Grip Inverted Row
20s Legs Only Bike
7 Plate Hop Burpee



2) 8min Pull Up Strength…
25s On 15s Off – 4 Rounds

Double DB Bent Over Rows (15/12.5-12.5/10)
Banded Straight Arm Pulldowns (2 Red Bands/1 Red)
Strict Chest To Bar Pull Ups (Banded)


Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

3) 22min Pairs Triple AMRAP…

8min AMRAP…
8 AKBS 28/24-24/20-20/16
8 KB Goblet Rev Lunge
8 Sync HRB – Up Downs

—-2min Rest——

6min AMRAP…
6 KB Goblet Rev Lunge
6 Sync HRB – Up Downs

—-90s Rest—-

4min AMRAP…
4 KB Goblet Rev Lunge
4 Sync HRB – Up Downs
Scaling Options…

American KB Swings – Russian Swings
scale weight before movement
Cant swing then KB Upright Row is option

KB Goblet Rev Lunges – KB Goblet Squats
Scale weight before movement
Cant Lunge or Squat then KB RDL is option

HRB Hand Release Burpees – Up Downs


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