5 Food and Drink Hacks For Better Health

Want to get healthier but don’t know how to go about it? Here are five quick food and drink hacks you can do today to get started!

Hack #1: Make Small Changes

If you want to build long-term healthy eating habits, forget about fad diets, and start making barely noticeable changes instead.

Eating two bags of crisps a day? Cut back to one. Drinking fizzy with every meal? Swap one out for water. Always picking the largest serving sizes available at your favourite fast food joint? Go one size lower.

The idea is to keep making super small changes that you can easily stick to and build on over time.

Hack #2: Use Smaller Plates

If you always find yourself overeating, try swapping out your regular-sized plates for smaller ones so you are forced to cut the portion size of each meal.

Do not worry. The fact that the plate would still look full would trick your brain into thinking that you’re eating the same amount of food, so your meals should feel just as satisfying as they were before.

Hack #3: Cheat on Your Diet

Eating healthy doesn’t mean you have to say goodbye to your favourite food and drinks forever. Even professional athletes enjoy some treats from time to time. Think about Hack #1 & #2 and control the amount.

As a general rule, look to keep on track with your plan at least 80% of the time, you should be fine. Of course, if you could go higher, the rules will be faster.

Hack #4: Don’t Shop Hungry

When you shop on an empty stomach, you’re more likely to grab more high-calorie stuff. So, if self-control is not your strong suit, give yourself a better fighting chance by having even a light snack before going grocery shopping.

Hack #5: Get Enough Sleep

Just like shopping on an empty stomach, lack of sleep has also been linked to increased desire for high-calorie foods and drinks. So, if you want to manage your cravings better, be sure to get at least seven hours of quality sleep per night.

Getting Healthy is Easier Than You Think

Give these simple food and drink hacks a shot today and see for yourself just how easy getting healthier truly is!

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