Beginners: 3 Great WODs to start

The great thing about CrossFit is there is an infinite number of workouts that you can perform. It is constantly varying so there is always a new workout to keep you interested whether you’re beginners or committed members.

However, the number of workouts and intensity of these workouts may be off-putting to you as a beginner. Luckily, CrossFit caters to all fitness levels and as such there are a number of different workouts that are perfect for someone who is just starting out.

While a lot of workouts require a range of equipment and are designed to be performed in a gym, there are also a vast number of mini-workouts that can be performed at home. These require little if any equipment so are perfect for a busy person who can’t always get to the gym.

Take a look at workouts that are great for the beginner and can be performed both at home and at the gym.

Tabata Something Else

This WOD has been an integral part of High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) for a long time and is also a staple of CrossFit. It consists of 8 rounds of 20 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest and is designed to promote all-out effort before giving you a short break. Tabata is great for the beginner as it introduces you to HIIT but allows you to perform the exercises to your fitness level.

Tabata Something Else is a Tabata workout consisting of pull ups, push ups, sit-ups and air squats. The clock keeps running on each exercise for 16 minutes.

This exercise allows it to be performed almost anywhere, as long as there is a bar or something to perform the pull-ups with. The beauty of the WOD is that if you can’t do pull-ups or are unable to find a bar to perform them, you can substitute in another movement and still get a great work out.

Check out our movement library on our YouTube channel for help on proper form.


Anyone can run and running can be performed anywhere there is room. To get the extra intensity associated with CrossFit, running intervals are introduced and another movement is usually included to get the lungs going and deliver the associated benefits of performing the additional exercise.

A workout that includes running is to complete 4 rounds of 400m coupled with 50 air squats. This WOD is suitable for beginners as it sets an achievable distance and air squats are a movement everybody can perform. It also helps to rapidly build fitness.

As with all CrossFit workouts, you can substitute and change the additional movement and repetition scheme to suit your fitness level. As you get fitter and more experienced you can add distance and repetitions, or try a more difficult movement.


Grace is one of the core ‘Girl’ CrossFit workouts, and involves 30 clean and jerks performed at 43kg for females and 61.5kg for males. For the beginner, the clean and jerk is easier than the snatch while still being fast and taxing.

The aim of Grace is to pick a weight that you are able to lift a number of times without stopping but which will still give you a challenging workout. It also only requires a barbell and some weight plates, which are two of the first pieces of equipment that beginners are likely to use. The WOD is a great way to follow up a weight-based training session and get a cardiovascular workout.

These WODs are a great way to introduce yourself to CrossFit and start working within your skill level. The added benefit is you can build on the weight, distance, intensity or reps as you reach more advanced stages of your training.

Beginners should start with these three WODs and you’ll soon be looking for more challenges. Sign up for your first CrossFit trial session today.


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