CrossFit TW18 Staines 13/11/19

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Strength & Conditioning

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

5min AMRAP…
Max Effort Pull-Ups

5 Rounds…20s On 10s Off
DB 2 Arm Rows 15/10-12.5/7.5
Ring Pull Ups
Straight Arm Pulldowns

3min AMRAP…
Max Effort T2B / HAH

5 Rounds…20s On 10s Off
Ring Rows
Chin Ups / Band Pulldowns
DB Pull Overs 15/10-12.5/7.5

3min AMRAP…
Max Effort HSPU / HRPU

8min AMRAP…
2 Wall Walks
8 Up downs
8 DB Curls 22.5/15-15/12.5
8 DB Press
…Then Into…
2min AMRAP
2min AMRAP
Sit Ups
2min AMRAP
Plank Push Ups

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