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CrossFit TW18 – CrossFit

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5min Brief…

Gain a better understanding of the Muscle-up.
Should walk away with skills to further improve this movement — everyone gets better today!
Stay consistent with your rep scheme and overall approach to beat the 14min cap.

29 Mins of working time (Skill, Workout, & Cool Down)


Warm-up (No Measure)

6min – 3 Rds
20s On 10s Off
DB – 12.5/7.5-10/5

DB Strict Press
DB Front Squats
Ring Rows
DB Lunges


Muscle Up Drills (No Measure)

12min EMOM

Group 1…still working on Muscle-ups
MIN 1: 15s Elevated Ring Rows: feet on the box at shoulder level
MIN 2: 20s Low Ring Leg Assist Muscle-up Drill

Group 2…with 2-3 Muscle-ups
MIN 1: 15s False Grip Top of Pull Up Hollow Hold
MIN 2: 20s Jumping Muscle-up (negative)

Group 3…More advanced athletes
Min 1: 2-4 Ring Muscle Ups
Min 2: 20s False Grip Top of Pull Up Hollow Hold
Min 3: 1-2 Strict Muscle Ups
Min 4: 20s False Grip Top of Pull Up Hollow Hold
Points Of Performance…
Elevated Ring Rows: feet on the box at shoulder level
POPs: Touch thumbs to chest or shoulders each rep. Keep body hollow. No “kipping” of the hips to help.

Low Ring Leg Assist Muscle-up Drill
POPs: Keep your feet directly underneath you and use your legs as little as possible. Focus on the idea of pulling the rings to the chest and then tucking the thumbs under the armpits. The point here is coordination practice, not fatigue

False grip top of pull-up, hold rings with hollow position
POPs: Grab the rings in your palms then rolling your wrist over the ring so that the area where your wrist meets the pad below your pinkie finger is holding your weight. JUMP INTO THE HOLD POSITION (don’t do a pull-up every time). Try to keep thumbs to shoulders during entire hold.

Jumping Muscle-up
POPs: Focus on lowering and slowly controlling the eccentric. Make it burn a little. This is a coordination and strength-building drill.


Metcon (Time)

For Time – 17min Time Cap..
DB – 22.5/15-15/10
EMOM perform 3 Box Jumps

9 Muscle-Ups (Ring or Bar)
50 DB Suitcase Reverse Lunge
7 Muscle-Ups (Ring or Bar)
50 DB Push Press
5 Muscle-Ups (Ring or Bar)
Reps, Loading, Volume…
Lower the weight that is maintainable. Bodyweight Lunges.

Muscle-ups scale reps down
5-3-1 or 3-3-3

Movement Adjustments…
Strict Pull-ups or Burpee Pull-ups

DB Suitcase Reverse Lunges…
Weighted Sit-ups

DB Push Press…
DB Floor Press

Cool Down

5:00 Foam Rolling

lats, shoulders, and t-spine


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