Crossfit TW18 Staines 31/07/2018

CrossFit TW18 – CrossFit

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– Lat/Trap/Back/Glute Activation
– Rotator Cuff Activation
– Shoulder Opener


Initial Pulls

Positional Points:
– Feet narrow with knees out
– Chest up
– Look at the top corner of the room
– Maintain shoulders over hands
– Straighten legs on initial pull keeping over the bar
– Shoulders remain over hands until you meet the hips and pull

Movement Points:
– Slow to knee
– Hold
– Slow to hip
– Hold

5 Rounds
3 Sec pause at shin
3 Sec pause at knee
3 Sec pause at hips
*Rest 20 Secs*

Clean Pull

– Hip Guide
– Shoulder Shrug
– Elbows High

Every 20 Seconds for 10 Rounds:

3 x 1 Second Pauses Shin/Knee/Hip + High Pull

Power Clean

– Pull In to hips (Squeeze Lats)
– Hip Guide
– Shoulder shrug
– Elbows high
– Fast under
– Feet out

1 x Power Clean Every 10 Seconds for 10 Rounds

*Rest 1 Min*

1 x Power Clean Every 10 Seconds for 10 Rounds


12Min: Power Clean AMRAP (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)


5 Power Clean 50/30…30/20
10 Press Up
20 Double Under/Single Under


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