Fitness [Our 5 tips to safely returning to the gym!]

Everyday during the coronavirus lockdown, we’ve been encouraged by government to exercise daily to maintain our health and fitness.  But we know, it’s just not the same!  Doing your squats with the kids’ rucksacks and elevated push ups off the sofa seem novel to begin with, but we know everyone is raring to get back to the gym.

Fortunately, with restrictions being lifted, we are slowly opening our worlds up to the new normal and expect the gym to be open soon. Stay tuned for confirmed opening date!

With that, we want to ensure that our members and new starters immerse themselves into a training routine as safely and effectively as possible when we get given the green light.

So here goes…

#1 Be gentle

Pay attention to your body and know when is enough. 

To ease you back into 360 life at the gym, we will be running a 3-week rebuild phase to avoid any unnecessary injuries.  Using tempos on strength training sections and building volume up in metcons to get us back to optimum fitness as fast and safely as possible.  Day 1 is not the time for maxing out, as much as we all might want to. So, for now, forget those PB numbers; those days won’t be far away.

#2 Prepare your muscles

While you may have been working out at home, give yourself some extra time to stretch and regain your flexibility so you’re ready for strength training on opening day!

 #3 Monitor your diet

Stuck indoors might have had an impact on your diet, however, if you make necessary changes now, you’ll have much more energy to get back into those kips and burpees with ease.

To our members, remember we have some great protein filled recipes so refer to our 6 Week Meal Plan!

For those who are new to 360 Ultimate Fitness, sign up for a free session and claim your 6 week meal plan for FREE.

We also love these recipes, give them a go, and let us know what you think.

#4 Start a routine

Getting back to the gym especially with other commitments in your life may prove to be a challenge, but if you structure your days well, you’ll fit in your much loved 360 Ultimate Fitness session.

Be sure to get plenty of sleep too, not enough people understand the importance of sleep and exercise.   Sleep gives your body time to recover, conserve energy, and repair and build up the muscles worked during exercise.

#5 Setting goals

Not everyone should be setting the same goals, we’re all different and our strengths lie in different places.

My fitness pal highlights how to pick the right strength training goal and once that’s determined you can focus your energy and effort in the right direction and get all the results you want.

The new normal at the gym

We are looking forward to welcoming you all back to the gym as soon as government guidelines allow. However, in the meantime, let us share how things may be a little different on your first day back.

(The following is subject to change based off current government guidance which will always be our minimum standard.)

Entrance and Exit

In order to avoid congestion and gathering of too many people at once, we ask that you to don’t congregate inside the gym but rather in the car park at a safe distance and enter the gym one by one to your designated station.

Exiting will also be one by one out through the main door.

2m distance rule

We are arranging the box into a number of stations so that participants are always at least 2m apart.  Each station will have its own equipment for you to safely use.  (wall balls, rower, plyo box, barbells and plates, and rig point).


We ask that you sanitise your hands with sanitiser we are providing at the front door on arrival.

Cleaning Stations

Each lane will have a cleaning station, time will be allocated at the end of each session to clean down the equipment before the next group enter.

Face Masks

Coaches may be wearing face masks for your safety. Face masks for members is optional.


Sanitiser and hand cleaning stations will be in the toilets and we ask that this is used to clean down any touch points after you have used the toilet.


With that all being said, we are looking forward to experiencing this new normal with you soon!


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