Weights for Women

In sports, women are quickly catching up to men. Women are increasingly participating in high school sports, collegiate sports, professional leagues, and Olympic games. Women are also the fastest-growing population of weight lifters, a sport previously dominated by male athletes (despite its name). Women’s strength training has grown at an exponential rate in the last decade, with women now accounting for 85 % of all personal trainers.

Weightlifting for women has been a turning point as it’s become one of the most popular female-dominated sports today.

One common misconception about weight lifting is that it will make your muscles bulky or manly. When it comes to women’s bodies, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Indeed, increasing muscle mass has been shown to boost metabolism, which aids in weight loss efforts. So, let’s forget the myth from now on!

As more girls become involved in these activities, it is essential that they not only be given equal opportunities but also have access to proper equipment such as weights, which can greatly improve their athletic performance.

When starting your journey lifting weights, it would be encouraged to seek help from a coach to ensure correct technique and injury prevention. They will also help guide you in the correct weight selection for various movements. Here at 360 we have had many ladies far surpass the weights they ever thought possible when they started CrossFit with us. 

If you want to get stronger for your next sporting event or simply want to look and feel like a woman athlete, it’s time to start lifting weights! Book a trial session with us here at 360 if you need the guidance to feel confident around weights.

The most important thing about working out is finding something that makes YOU feel good.


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