Why it’s time to come along for one our free trials?

The thought of starting any fitness programme can be intimidating no matter what your training background is. CrossFit in particular has a misconception that it is only for elite athletes, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

When you first enter our CrossFit gym, it may look like complete chaos to you. Weights flying, people jumping, running, sweating and shouting. It won’t be like any commercial gym you’ve ever walked into before – but don’t let it put you off, it’s all part of what makes 360 special.

What may surprise you is that as soon as you walk through the door someone will introduce themselves to you and make you feel instantly welcome. The funny thing is, that might not even be one of the coaches or owners, more likely it will be one of the many friendly and welcoming members.

The 360 community is one of the most supportive communities you could imagine. It’s also important to remember that CrossFit is a relatively new way of training, so many of our members are in their first year or two and will know exactly how you feel walking into your first session.

When you first take part in one of our workouts, you’ll recognise most of the movements but there’s a good chance that you look at some of them and think to yourself “I’m not sure I can do all of those things” and you know what? You’re not alone. Very few people, no matter their base fitness level can walk into our gym for the first time and nail all the movements. The beauty of CrossFit at 360 though is that any and every workout can be scaled to suit the athlete, so you’ll always be able to complete any workout. Our coaches will always be able to find a suitable scaling option for you which will help you in the long-term.

Over time you will build your fitness and skills, tracking your progress over time and before long you’ll be able to do the majority of the movements every time you step foot in the gym.

CrossFit at 360 Ultimate Fitness is about getting you to move correctly with little to no weight, increasing intensity then getting you to move correctly at higher intensity. As coaches it is our job to make sure you are doing the appropriate workload even if it is modifying the workout as you go.

One of the biggest worries we find our new members have is having other people watching you struggle during a workout. The only thing we can say to this is, don’t.  Everyone in the entire gym is struggling through workouts, no matter what level as CrossFit is you against yourself.  So you will see them struggle and they will see you struggle.  In fact, they will cheer you on so that instead of giving up, you muster up the strength to finish and move on to do things you never thought were possible. It’s what makes our community so special.

Our offer of a free trial is to give you the chance to experience what it’s like to be a part of the 360 community and try out a workout in an environment you’ll likely never have experienced before. Your worries will quickly disappear and your first hour will fly by! There have been a countless number of nervous, unsure people walk through our door over the years and you’d be amazed just how many of them finish their first session asking when they can come back and how they sign up for membership.

If you get to the end of your first hour having enjoyed the workout but worried about some of the movements, there’s even the option for you to come along for our three session fundamentals course. These sessions will give you the opportunity to spend some 1-to-1 time with one of our coaches, where they will go over all the basic movements of CrossFit, as well as going over all of the terminology we use in our sessions so that you feel right at home.

So the likelihood is you’ll still have some nerves about taking the leap and coming down to try and that’s ok! But we are at 360 would love to have you come along to meet us and give one of our free trials a go, we’re sure you’ll instantly at home and enjoy an amazing workout. The workouts may push you to your limits at times but whenever we ask our members what keeps them coming back through the doors, they talk about the family atmosphere and the feeling of having fun, training with your friends.


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