Crossfit TW18 Staines 06/08/2018

CrossFit TW18 – CrossFit

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2 Rounds…
10/el Walking Lunge – No weight
10/el Crab Walks – Green Band around Ankles
10 Barbell RDL
10 Deadlifts
*Increase Weight 2nd Round*

Strength & Conditioning

8Min: Deadlift (2×10-12 @ 70%)

Hit upper range as long as you don’t get to failure point.

8Min: Snatch Grip Deadlift (2 x [email protected]%)

– 50% of Deadlift
– Hit upper range as long as no failure occurs

Skill Work

19Min: Metcon (No Measure)

1st – 5 Pistols E/L
2nd – 5 KB Snatch 24/16…16/12

*Rest 3 Mins*

1st – 8 DB Cluster 22.5/15…15/12.5
2nd – 12 Toes to Ring

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