Hand up if your sick of resolutions

New You

New Year New You? Hands in the air if you are tired of New Year Resolutions! 


Eat more greens

Quit smoking

Spend more time reading

Get in shape

Spend more time with family

How many of these New Year resolutions have you made throughout your lifetime and stuck to for a month or so?

How many times have you wanted to be you, but tweak, and shift and pivot towards a brighter version? The problem with making a New Years resolution is that it is almost always too ambitious. A grand gesture for a “better you”. 

What if, this year when we make New Years Eve resolutions, we completely ban the idea that Health and Fitness should be one of those. 

No, I’m not going to take up running, nor am I going to eat 5 portions of fruit and vegetables a day. I don’t want to lose 7lb to be happier in 2022. BAN IT!! 

And so, with the excitement of a secondary school PE teacher, lets change the attitude that health is something to add to our lives.

What if instead…

Here me out, what if we choose to do these things for ourselves regardless? Make it a non negotiable part of living. The last two years have been awful, right? Tough, emotionally and physically. Draining is a word that comes to mind.  But without these past few years, I don’t think there would have been half as much of the light shone on our own personal health. If we take the positives, which I think it is important too, from every situation that we find ourselves in as humans. This can be one of the most important. Health is wealth. 

It was a testament for some that without the outlet of physical movement for our emotional wellbeing, we would be a bit lost. 

Whatever the last two years has thrown at you; you can always make the choice to make fitness as much a part of your routine as brushing your teeth. Or changing your bed sheets. Or adding vegetables to your weekly shop. Basic selfcare.

CrossFit can sometimes be a scary concept for a lot of people. But if you break it down. Really all that it is, is a group of people who want to be capable.

Capable means different things to different people.

It may mean strength to some. Speed, or adding to your athletic abilities. Competing in CrossFit? Competing in other sports, using the power than CrossFit training helps you acquire. It may mean being a fitter more able version of your fine self. Or starting a fitness journey. 

It could be that being capable to you means, keeping an eye on your fitness, but also expanding your social circle. Being more confident in approaching new friends. Being more confident in you. Being around a team of people that want you to succeed as much as you want them to.

Regardless, your health and fitness, should be looked upon like a never-ending building. A great bit of architecture. The most impressive build you’ll ever do. But you are in charge of the materials.

Add to it, brick by brick, year by year.

We should treat our bodies for what they are. It’s the vessel that carries you through life. Through the good times and bad. Make it strong healthy and it turn this will help toward happy.

Don’t make a New Years resolution.

Grab one of your coaches and tell them what you want your capabilities to be in 6months time. Don’t choose it because it’s January, choose it for a stronger, fitter, healthier you in 2022.

If you have never tried CrossFit, don’t wait until till you feel ready. We are literally here to make you feel more confident in this Sport. 

We offer three trial sessions for you to really grasp what it is our community has to offer. If you like what we have to offer you can jump straight in.

For those of you that are new to training, we offer a full fundamentals course. To get you to grips with the movements of CrossFit and how the classes run. This will help you build a relationship with a coach so that when you decide to join you feel at ease.


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