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3 Tips to Starting CrossFit

CrossFit is a unique, challenging workout that can be as fun and rewarding as it is physically demanding. The benefits of CrossFitting include increased cardiovascular

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5 Ways To Improve Your Sleep

Everyone deserves to have a restful night’s sleep. However, with so many things coming up during the day, it can be hard to achieve. We

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Weights for Women

In sports, women are quickly catching up to men. Women are increasingly participating in high school sports, collegiate sports, professional leagues, and Olympic games. Women

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The Importance of Nutrition

Proper nutrition, according to the World Health Organization, is vital to health and development. It is associated with better infant, child, and maternal health, safer

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Is CrossFit For All Levels?

“CrossFit is not for me”, “I could never do CrossFit”, “It’s dangerous and I don’t want to get injured” These statements are typically made by

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CrossFit Staines 23/08/21

Warm-up200m Jog into 2 Rounds10m Lunge10m Duck Walk10 Air Squat 2 Rounds10 Cossack Squat5 Strict Press5 Front Squat10 Good Morning StrengthFront Squat (Every 3 Minutes

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CrossFit Staines 10/05/21

StrengthDeadlift (Build to a Heavy 10 Rep)E2MOMBuilding for 5 SetsHold Heavy 10 for 3 Sets Metcon 5 ROUNDS FOR TIME10 Toes to bar15 Deadlifts 35

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