CrossFit TW18 Staines 07/10/19

CrossFit TW18 – CrossFit

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5min Brief…

We are looking to get more comfortable with those longer rep schemes in our Strength with the 10RM. In the workout, hold onto the first set of Front Squats unbroken…this should dictate your starting weight, and then go up in weight as the reps decrease.


Warm-up (No Measure)

5/5 Groiners
5/5 Front Rack Elbow Punches
5/5 Back Rack Elbow Punches
5 Standard Stance Squats
5 Narrow Stance Squats
5 Wide Stance Squats
5 Plank to Pike

First set Back Squat
Additional sets Front Squats


5 min Movement Prep…

Front Squat…
5 Front Squats at 33X1 Tempo
10 Front Squats at 11×1 Tempo


2: Front Squat (10RM)

Establish 10RM Front Squat*

1 set 3 reps Adding weight
1 set 5 reps adding weight
1 set 8 reps adding weight
1 set 10 reps adding weight
1 set 10 reps Max Effort

*Max 2 attempts at 10RM


5 min Movement Pre for Front Squat from floor…

Light-Mod Weight…
-3 Clean Grip DL
-3 Hang Power Cleans
-3 Hang Squat Cleans
-3 Squat Cleans (from below the knee)

Weight for Front Squats
40/30 RX+60/40
50/35 RX+70/50
60/40 RX+80/55

3: Metcon (Time)

FOR TIME…16min Time Cap

20 Front Squat 40/30 (Rx+60/40)
40 Sit-ups
40 Plate OH Rev Lunges 10/5 (Rx+15/10)
15 Front Squat 50/35 (Rx+70/50)
30 Sit-ups
30 Plate OH Rev Lunges
10 Front Squat 60/40 (Rx+80/55)
20 Sit-ups
20 Plate OH Rev Lunges
10 Front Squat 60/40 (Rx+80/55)


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